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In all our sites, our employees believe in working in a safe environment
Aggressive Air Ventilation company focuses  on accident prevention, not only OSHA compliance. We believe that security has less to do with rulebooks and more to do with what is in the mind of our workers and the heart of our management.

Our philosophy is to create an environment safely through leadership, communication and motivation. By promoting awareness of attitude security, key executives develop a “spirit” of the prevention of accidents and reduce accidents accordingly.

Our staff receive comprehensive training and security certification OSHA 10 hours. Managers and supervisors receive an OSHA 30 training hours. In addition, we offer our all safety equipment and employees the tools they need to do their jobs.

Aggressive Air Ventilation Ltd has an outstanding technical, Think 5 x 5, taught to all employees to ensure they think and work safely. Think our 5 x 5 Security Initiative increases employee awareness and improve the corporate culture to “take 5 seconds and 5 steps back” to reflect on their environment and workspace to ensure there is an environment of safe workplace.

We strictly adhere to all federal, provincial and local. Our goal is to eliminate acts and unsafe conditions that could cause injury. We believe the attitude means everything, and we expect zero accidents and injuries is achievable.

We compare and rail safety in many areas, including safety, automobile accidents and general liability. Our “security index” provides continuous feedback and drives process improvements and results.

Managers at all levels of our organization have a profound effect on the safety culture and continually create the motivation for positive change to avoid complacency. Stay engaged and involved keeps our workplace and CHANTIERS without injury, and allows some of our subsidiaries have worked literally millions of hours without a lost time.